Carolina Rojas

Investor @ Distributed Ventures

Chamath Palihapitiya

Chamath Palihapitiya, GP @ Social Capital

Charles Hudson

GP & Co-Founder @ Precursor Ventures

Chinese Characteristics

Chinese tech longform analysis

Chris Cantino

Partner @ Color Capital

Chris Neumann

Chris Neumann, GP @ Panache Ventures

Claire Jacobs GaƩz

Summer Analyst @ Commerce Ventures

Climate Tech VC

A weekly newsletter on climate and innovation

ClimateTech, Energy
Clouded Judgement

Partner @ Altimeter Capital

Coin Labs

Making sense of commerce and fintech

Conor Witt

Investor @ Upper90

Constine's Moving Product

The "why" & "how" behind the biggest new tech concepts and startups

Content Commerce Insider

How Brands Create Content to Drive Revenue, Globally.


Partner @ USV