A publication covering how founders got their first 1000 customers

Frankly Speaking

Early-stage security/cloud investor

Gavin Baker

CIO, Atreides Management.

Gen Z Voice

Startups. Trends. News. All From a Gen Z view.

Healthcare Pizza

Current healthcare professionals who like talking about digital health and the future of healthcare

High Tea

The hottest weekly brew of internet culture

Hunter Walk

Partner @ Homebrew

Ian's Blog: Nominal Returns

Insurance Investing Insights

Investing Canon

Writing about investing, mental/business models and lessons from the greats

Investing in AI

A twice monthly digest of ideas and market analysis focused on AI

Jake Tauscher

Investor @ G2VP

Jerry Lu

exploring media's impact on business and culture

Joe Connolly

Digital health musings

Kevin Stevens

Writing about the energy transition, finance, and technology

Energy, Climate