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Tuesday, 13 April, 2021

BIG by Matt Stoller | Matt Stoller

Senator Jon Ossoff Breaks A Key Battery Bottleneck

Greylock News

Amplifying Expertise

Venture Upward | David Beisel

Putting Points On the Board

The Micromobility Newsletter | Team M

🏆 Grab’s Record-Shattering SPAC

Nongaap Investing | Mike

[Premium QN] Betting on Upside Part 2

Paul Graham Essays

How People Get Rich Now

Monday, 12 April, 2021

Tanay's Newsletter | Tanay Jaipuria

Coinbase and the cryptoeconomy

AVC | Fred Wilson

My New Metrocard

Feld Thoughts | Brad Feld

Calculating Leader Leverage

BIG by Matt Stoller | Matt Stoller

Why Is Clarence Thomas Attacking Google?

Not Boring | Packy McCormick

Unwitting Collaboration & Web3 Experimentation

Fintech Takes | Alex Johnson

Neither Strategic nor a Plan